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CCTV's Brief Introduction
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My name is CCTV, formerly 1002A.

I am an up and coming developer in the C++ and Java languages.
LUA (Script Oriented) is not like C++ and Java (Object Oriented) and is somewhat
hard to learn for me; not because it is a hard language, but simply because the
mechanics of it are vastly different.

I've been on HL2RP since 2017, and I would have to say the most infamous
server I was on was Origins. I was Kohory Mason on that server. To be fair,
I think that I've played on at least 25-30 servers altogether, albeit they may have
been for a short time or a long time.

So yeah, if you got any questions for me, feel free to add a reply down below.
(Also, I'm applying to become an Operator, so perhaps I can help you too!)

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Re: CCTV's Brief Introduction
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Hello and welcome to Armata Gaming!