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Introductions / CCTV's Brief Introduction
« about: 7 months ago »

My name is CCTV, formerly 1002A.

I am an up and coming developer in the C++ and Java languages.
LUA (Script Oriented) is not like C++ and Java (Object Oriented) and is somewhat
hard to learn for me; not because it is a hard language, but simply because the
mechanics of it are vastly different.

I've been on HL2RP since 2017, and I would have to say the most infamous
server I was on was Origins. I was Kohory Mason on that server. To be fair,
I think that I've played on at least 25-30 servers altogether, albeit they may have
been for a short time or a long time.

So yeah, if you got any questions for me, feel free to add a reply down below.
(Also, I'm applying to become an Operator, so perhaps I can help you too!)

Suggestions / Phase Four Related CDF (Central Defense Force)
« about: 7 months ago »
I was looking into Phase Four's past, and I found some models of some 'CDF' soldiers. I asked some people around, and it stood for Central Defense Force. (Unless this is for a different schema and I'm mistaken, then it should've been for Phase Four, right?) Maybe they should make an exclusive comeback; the original CDF soldiers will not really exist anymore, but remnants of their armor/weaponry could be found in a custom part of the map (maybe an old outpost perhaps?) and some of their clothing/cosmetics can also spawn in that players can get as high-tier loot. It could even further develop into the rebellion actually forming a 'CDF' faction and mimic the old organization.

Suggestions / Server Related Improve HUD/UI and remove unneeded libraries
« about: 7 months ago »
I would like to see a Clockwork gamemode with a renovated menu and HUD in general. There are far too many servers nowadays that simply stick to the old basic menu, and honestly it looks dated and well worn. I kind of know that trying to change the derma (the menu) can be quite challenging since a lot of it in this gamemode is dependent on other things to work (like some button functions are dependent on completely separate button entities that are supposed to spawn over the position of the button) but in reality, it needs a major rework. Also, Clockwork as a whole is way too 'thick' I would have to say? There is a lot of useless LUA and code in it that could easily be removed and make little to no change at all, and I think that would be a better way to optimize the server as a whole and remove useless content that isn't necessary for the server to have. (Some examples are things such as the built-in crafting menu, it doesn't even work, and some other libraries just dedicated to 'built in donation systems' can be probably removed as practically nobody uses them).

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