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News & Info / Re: Phase Four Changelog
« about: 4 months ago »
2020 November

+ Added config to enable/disable the AFK kicker
AFK kicking has been disabled so feel free to farm while AFK as much as you'd like.

+ Added display info on armors for whether or not they have jetpacks
You can now see which armors have jetpacks equipped on them to make finding out which ones have them more easier.

~ Fixed Alliance bank not showing the correct balance upon loading a character
The proper balance should now be displayed after loading a character. Before it would be set to 0 and wouldn't update to the proper amount unless you deposited any amount.

News & Info / Re: Phase Four Changelog
« about: 4 months ago »
2020 November

+ Made the Combine Nexus ownable
You can now purchase doors inside the Nexus to make it more viable for base building.

~ Fixed Victories menu
The tooltip wouldn't display properly, the mouse would flicker while hovering over the icon, and the menu would constantly rebuild itself because progress on a victory was being updated constantly. All these issues have been fixed.

~ Adjusted the default class color to be more readable
The class color has been made a darker blue so that names can be more readable on things such as the Scoreboard.

~ Fixed Crafting menu not showing the correct cost for items with the Mercantile augment
The cost on purchase with the Mercantile augment was correct (with the 10% discount being applied), however the cost wasn't being displayed properly. This now shows the proper cost.

~ Fixed reload animations
Counter-Strike: Source wasn't mounted. Mounting this fixed the reload animations.

News & Info / Re: Phase Four Changelog
« about: 4 months ago »
2020 November

~ Fixed prop damage not working
One of the config IDs was set to the wrong value. It's been changed so props can now take damage and be destroyed.

~ Fixed prop color not changing after taking damage
Props should slowly turn to black after taking a certain amount of damage. They do this now.

~ Fixed various color setting
The color wasn't being assigned properly in certain cases. This applied to the following: Smoke effects, stealthed players, and jetpack trails.

~ Fixed titles not displaying properly on the scoreboard
Titles would show up as their localization ID only and nothings else. It now displays the proper title alongside the player's name.

~ Fixed /ally command
You can now use the /ally command to communicate with your fellow allies.

Suggestions / Re: CDF (Central Defense Force)
« about: 4 months ago »
Maybe, I'm not too sure. I'd like to keep things mostly vanilla especially when it pertains to adding new content. I want the download time to join the server to be as little as possible.

Suggestions / Re: Some suggestions
« about: 4 months ago »
My apologies, the Beanbag shotgun was removed on the launch of Phase Four. They were a thing in all previous iterations of Phase Four. So back in Experiment / Exp3riment there was a Beanbag shotgun and a Beanbag scout. They took separate ammunition called Beanbag rounds. They dealt extremely low damage but had a chance to knock players out of consciousness, thus allowing for players to tie the individual up and search their entire belongings including the armor they had equipped or drag them around to where ever they want. This knock out period would last between 1 - 3 minutes, not exactly sure how long. After this timer the player would gain consciousness if they were not being dragged. Otherwise the player would gain consciousness as soon as their timer expired.

The mechanics are similar to if the player had typed "/charfallover 120"

I can't remember the exact % they had to landing this knockout shot on players, but there was an augment that decreased this from landing even further.

At the time this was the only way to steal equipped armor on players.

Thanks for the extra details! I'll see if I can find the old files related to this and then implement it into the Phase Four GitHub.

News & Info / Re: Phase Four Changelog
« about: 4 months ago »
2020 November

~ Fixed Explomine/Firemine/Freezemine (again)
There was a missing parenthesis in each mine's code.

~ Fixed money and equipped armor/weapons not dropping
When a player disconnects they should lose their money, equipped armor, and equipped weapons. This wasn't the case but it's been fixed now.

~ Fixed jogging bug
An error would be thrown in the server log when a player tried jogging but not anymore.

~ Fixed required augment/engineering level not showing up in Crafting menu
The requirements should now be shown properly when hovering your mouse over an item in the Crafting menu. If requirements are met then nothing shows up.

~ Partially fixed Tear Gas
No screen effects would display when tear gasses, this was resolved. Also the client's screen would freeze when first being tear gasses, this has also been resolved. Known bug: Tear gas effects in the area where a grenade is thrown won't dissipate after X amount of time.

Suggestions / Re: CDF (Central Defense Force)
« about: 4 months ago »
I moved your post as it was in the wrong section. The section you posted it in was for people that have created an Alliance in-game and want to advertise it here on the forums.

I'm not sure if there's CDF models included in Phase Four but I'll check. Also I'm not sure if CDF even pertains to Phase Four in terms of its lore, if you have any information on it then feel free to share.

I would like to see a Clockwork gamemode with a renovated menu and HUD in general. There are far too many servers nowadays that simply stick to the old basic menu, and honestly it looks dated and well worn. I kind of know that trying to change the derma (the menu) can be quite challenging since a lot of it in this gamemode is dependent on other things to work (like some button functions are dependent on completely separate button entities that are supposed to spawn over the position of the button) but in reality, it needs a major rework. Also, Clockwork as a whole is way too 'thick' I would have to say? There is a lot of useless LUA and code in it that could easily be removed and make little to no change at all, and I think that would be a better way to optimize the server as a whole and remove useless content that isn't necessary for the server to have. (Some examples are things such as the built-in crafting menu, it doesn't even work, and some other libraries just dedicated to 'built in donation systems' can be probably removed as practically nobody uses them).
I'm not too good at adjusting the UI but I'll see what I can do to make improvements. Also I don't think removing libraries will necessarily improve performance. If you have more specific suggestions to how to improve performance feel free to make them and I'll look into it. One think I want to do is modify the way the default menus look to add a bit of flair, similar to how OpenAura looked back in the day.

Suggestions / Re: Some suggestions
« about: 4 months ago »
Here are some suggestions that I would like to hear others feedback on.

  • Add the Beanbag shotgun and zip-ties back into the game. (Along with the Beanbag Augments)
This will help implement the fear back into the game with having a chance at your armor being taken from you.
I don't know if it's currently exploding things from your inventory off your dead body like some type of GTA theme.
If that's the case, maybe the GTA theme feature should be disabled?

I'll definitely add the zip ties back into the game because they seem pretty essential. As for the beanbag shotgun I'm not familiar with it ever being in the Phase Four gamemode before. Can you explain more about how it works?

  • Remove the penalty on printers/producers making less if another player even an alliance member or another players printer is nearby.
This seems a little harsh and makes the 45th Apartments or any apartment complex obsolete with this feature enabled.

I'll look into how this works. At the very least I may keep the way it works if Alliance members are nearby so as to keep the larger Alliances from making huge amounts of cash while being able to keep themselves safe because of the number of members they have. I may nerf the amount that it decreases it by though, I'm not entirely sure until I look into this and see how it actually works.

  • Adjust printers upgrade cost / production amount
I understand the need to prevent players from unlocking all Augments and getting the best equipment within hours or days but this may need to be adjusted.
I may not have all the numbers available to me, but from the numbers I can see and calculate I don't think the current upgrade costs make sense for what they offer.

Yeah, the upgrades definitely aren't worth it unless you're on for a long time. I'll see about increasing the amount of productions or I'll reduce the cost of upgrading as it doesn't seem to pay off very well in both regards.

  • Adjust the Spas-12 MK
If this weapon has not already been modified, it will need some type of nurf because it was used as a sniper and would deal massive damage even from far away.

First I've heard of this, I'll look into how the Spas-12 performs to see if it needs to be nerfed.

Introductions / Re: CCTV's Brief Introduction
« about: 4 months ago »
Hello and welcome to Armata Gaming!

News & Info / Re: Phase Four Changelog
« about: 2 years ago »
~ Fixed infinite loop notification for broken weapon needing repair.
The NotifyBrokenWeapon command was added to facilitate this fix. The command doesn't do anything beyond notifying the player.

News & Info / Re: Phase Four Changelog
« about: 2 years ago »
2018 June

~ Fixed jogging speed
Jogging speed is now slower than running speed.

~ Changed attack timer message to be more descriptive
Now it tells you that you'll lose all your items if you leave.

Complaints / Re: Phase Four Bug Report
« about: 2 years ago »
There is no respawn timer.
Woops, I probably forgot to change that setting back. Actually I'll probably just add it to the plugin that overrides various configs.

Complaints / Re: Phase Four Bug Report
« about: 2 years ago »
That's not it either. It happens even when there is no timer.
Hmm, alright I've made a new card on Trello about the issue. What's your character's name? For the one that's not taking fall damage.

New card:

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